Andy’s Projects

Do-It-Yourself projects with basic tools.

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Ford F150 XLT

The current project is a 2004 Ford F150 XLT. This is an entirely different type of project, I am going to focus on fixing some minor rust issues. The big part of this project is to convert the box to a “super box”, that is it will be a tilting box with a slide out section and rails that also slide out to be able to drive an ATV or lawn tractor onto the bed.


Ford Ranger FX4

I have owned four Ford Rangers. The last one, a 2003 FX4, ended up being my first project – a ground up restoration that saw every body panel, engine, transmission, and drive line replaced. With sponsors Home Hardware and Rustoleum Canada, I managed to totally redo the Ranger to a nearly new looking vehicle. Click the links above to get the whole story.


Why Ford?

Why always Ford trucks as projects? Well, it is simple. Ford pickup trucks are the most popular. They are plentiful on the street, and used parts are easy to come by. That means a lower cost of ownership and a lower cost of repair.

Ford: popular, plentiful, cost effective.
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The only way of reaching me is through the Contact Us form on this website. If you are in the Toronto Ontario area, I will be pleased to meet with you to discuss the latest project and your participation as a sponsor.

Please note that I am semi-retired. I am not looking for automotive types of work or projects, other than those that are my own. My work focuses on the internet: websites, internet applicaitons, forms (and forms submission security), and PC automation projects.

We will gladly meet with you to discuss your needs. Get a quote today!

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